Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need experience?

No experience is needed to hire our boat. One of our team will meet you on your day of arrival, run through all the facilities onboard, provide a hand over and take you out on a boating lesson to make sure your fully confident before we leave you to enjoy your holiday.

Do you need a license to steer a canal boat?

No a license is not needed we will give you all the tuition you need before you head off alone. 

Is the boat easy to operate?

Yes our boat is simple to operate with one lever controlling speed and forward and reverse.

Are there any locks on the Bridgewater Canal?

No the Bridgewater Canal is 36 miles lock free.

Are bedding and towels provided?

Yes all bedding and towels are included in the hire charge.

Will i have to fill up with diesel and water?

You are provided with a full tank of fuel which is included in the cost. Depending on how much water you use you may have to fill up but there are plenty of water points along the Bridgewater Canal.

Can i stop anywhere overnight?

There are some places we wouldn't recommend stopping overnight but one of our team will run through the best spots on your day of arrival.

What if i break down or have an accident?

One of our team will be on call throughout your holiday to give advice and come out if needed.

Will it be warm onboard?

Yes our boat has both a multifuel stove and full central heating. Smokeless coal for the stove can only be purchased from us directly.

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